Crystal Marble Polishing technicians have been trained in a number of different services, including marble and stone refinishing. Over time, soft stone like marble can dull and lose its luster. With our state of the art equipment, Crystal Marble Polishing can get your stone looking like new!  Not only will we clean and resurface the stone, but the service also includes sealing as well. Sealers are designed to preserve the life of your stone and marble floors. The sealant will also provide a barrier to protect the marble from the grit and sand of the Las Vegas desert.  We have experience with every type of stone you can imagine.

  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Terrazzo
  • Mexican Tile/Terracotta/Saltillo
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • And More!

For over 20 years, Las Vegas has trusted Crystal Marble Polishing with their marble and stone refinishing, let us show you why! Head over to the ‘Contact Us’ tab in the menu to get your free quote today.

Picture of polished marble floor


Crystal Marble Polishing technicians also have training with concrete refinishing. Concrete in the home, whether it is inside or out, can take a lot of abuse. High traffic areas like patios and garages often begin to show signs of wear within the first 10 years after installation. Our technicians are trained to get them looking like they have just been poured! With so many different textures, colors, and patterns, concrete can often be a challenge to resurface correctly. Crystal Marble Polishing has over 20 years of experience dealing with every kind of concrete imaginable. Head over to the ‘Contact Us’ tab in the menu to get your free quote today.


In addition to resurfacing concrete, Crystal Marble Polishing technicians are also trained in concrete coating. Both interior and exterior concrete can be coated to give it an extra unique quality! Concrete coatings are also incredibly durable and affordable. Installation is a quick but difficult process. Crystal Marble Polishing has plenty of training bringing floors to life! Our years of experience and state of the art equipment combine to create an excellent finished product.