Floor Care Tips

Here are some steps you can take to help take better care of your floors in between visits:

  • Wash your floors with water only. If you want a scent or soap, use “Fabuloso”, found on the bottom shelf at most grocery stores in the floor cleansers aisle. You can also use “Neutral Floor Cleaner”, available at Home Depot. Create a solution with mostly water and a very small amount of the soap.

  • Do not leave any standing water or liquids on the floors for an extended period of time. When left on the floors, they can deteriorate the sealer and can cause stains and etch marks that stay in the stone.

  • With shower walls, you can purchase a small squeegee at the grocery store. After bathing, just run the squeegee from top to bottom to remove any standing water. This also helps keep stains from forming on your shower walls.